Verbrauch VOLKSWAGEN Polo (2009) 1.2 60 PS

Typ: Hatchback 3 doors
Kraftstoffart: Petrol
Antrieb: Front
Getriebe: Manual 5

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Reichweite in der Stadt: Km,Autobahn: Km

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Innerrorts: 7.3
Ausserorts/Autobahn: 4.5
Kombiniert: 5.5

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Paul -
U: 11.2 in Berlin
E: 8.6 (Berlin-Frankfurt)
C: 7.8
Paul -
U: 11.7 in Hannover
E: 8 (Hannover-Berlin)
C: 6.8
JdsisQSWwvRPwLtwSDW -
At last! Soeomne who understands! Thanks for posting!
pBKCMgAxSnuImyFq -
the place is lacking smehtoing I work there and feel it too I sure hope they can get their act together it is a great concept but needs some work- i hoep it picks up not sure how much longer I can work there if business doesnt improve. I had the burger at the Abbatior, and it was horrible i am hoping it was just an off day since we were there for a really late lunch and the place was empty But the burger (which was ground beef & pork) looked and tasted like a big block of undercooked SPAM. Belinda almost vomited in her mouth just looking at it, i barely at a few bites. 5 Guys does have a good "fast food" style burger. We had a great one at the Ormesby (new spot next to Belinda's work), it was grass fed beef etc and the place is caol, I think you would dig it, kinda like an old "speak easy" pub and in the basement there are games (pool, pinball, bocce ball, shuffleboard, etc). Peace.JSUN
Ralf -
U: 10.7 in Berlin
E: 5.5 (Berlin-Leipzig)
C: 7
YIddcNVeOvwZ -
PeterMay 20, 2013 Thanks for your comment Peter, sunods like you had a good start in line with the review and I'm sorry to hear that it obviously hasn't performed as well since. It is worth noting that there are many systems/services that we have reviewed that performed poorly and i wouldn't necessarily agree that all services go downhill after a review.Thanks good luck, we've lots of reviews underway and more lined up, so keep checking back to see what's hot and what's not!Best wishesPeter
Nicolas -
U: 10.5 in Frankfurt
E: 7 (Frankfurt-Hamburg)
C: 8

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